The New Business Shift – Opal Avenue Launches

November 17, 2017

time-2Why Opal Avenue?

Time is of the essence.

Retailers are bombarded with products from brands such that it?s a challenge to sort through them, and at the same time, they are looking to fill a particular hole in the product lines they carry. They end up scouring the internet, stumbling upon brands via social media, looking at competitor websites, and then reaching out via email through contact information available on the brand?s website, only to find out that brands may have certain requirements they are unable to meet or other limitations that wouldn?t make them a good fit.

Through significant input from retailers across North America, the long-awaited solution is finally a reality. OPAL AVENUE is a highly curated online discovery platform for specialty retailers and clean beauty & wellness brands. Anywhere. Anytime. Verified Buyers can conveniently browse an
exciting product mix, access key product information, request samples, place orders for the
perfect additions at the right time and manage multiple suppliers all in one place. As a result,
brands are able to showcase their product in front of remarkable retailers faster and easier
than ever before.


We also believe in providing accessible product education.? Learn more about Opal Avenue’s? brand partners through LIVE stream master classes, live demos, tutorials and spotlights shared on our Bits of Brilliance publication, Facebook, Instagram, and dedicated YouTube channel. This ?evergreen? content can be viewed at anytime and also by key team members such as buying assistants and retail sales staff. A first of its kind, on-demand, digital product educational experience. And provides yet another way for buyers to get to know the people behind a?brand, the selling story, what makes it unique and how it can be a potential match for their stores.

Why Ethical and Responsible Independent Brands?

While there are other wholesale B2B tools that strive to help mass-market entities find products to sell, Opal Avenue is the only online platform that specializes in connecting remarkable specialty and independent retailers with verified safe, clean beauty & wellness brands. Consumers are now, more than ever, better informed?about ingredient quality, sourcing, safety, and integrity particularly in their everyday personal care and wellness products. Cruelty-free, natural, organic, sustainable, non-toxic and more. Today’s customer wants to identify with ethical brands in a meaningful way all while using products that deliver results. The Opal Avenue marketplace enables retailers to find and source the best-matched products for their shelves at the right time. Buyers can finally reduce or even eliminate time spent on extensive research and responding to supplier solicitations to focus on what matters most, growing?their business and captivating their customers. The Opal Avenue showroom is always open. 24/7. 365 days a year.

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