Where exceptional clean beauty and wellness products are showcased and celebrated, 24/7.


Trade Shows. Maker Fairs. Pounding the pavement. You do it all to increase the reach of your brand and natural products. Why not have an online wing-man working alongside you and spread the word to retailers across North America? On Opal Avenue, your brand and product listings are live on our marketplace 24/7/365. Retailers eager to discover new products can spot you on Opal Avenue no matter the day or time.



Retailers both large and small use Opal Avenue! By having your products available on Opal Avenue, retailers have peace of mind in knowing that your products, and all products in our marketplace, are safe and natural products that have been pre-screened to be free of over 1,500 concerning ingredients, including those banned in the United States, Canada and the European Union. By listing your products on Opal Avenue you join part of the only elite showcase of verified-safe products in the world.



Leave the tech management to us. Once your brand is accepted into the Opal Avenue marketplace, we’ll request detailed product information from you at onboarding. We then build and manage your brand page and product listings on our marketplace. Any changes to your information can be made as they happen. Simply let us know!



Discover. Try. Love. Buy! On the Opal Avenue marketplace, retailers engage with brands in several ways. We provide them with detailed brand and product information as well as the opportunity to ask specialized product questions, request samples, and of course place secure wholesale orders for their favorites. Complete and accurate retailer information is shown on every submitted sample request and order you receive. You will always know who is interested in building a partnership with your brand!  


Our unique group of retailers access the Opal Avenue marketplace remotely from the comfort of their home or shop. No meetings or travel needed. Through this approach, Opal Avenue is a perfect supplement to any brand’s current retailer outreach and awareness strategy. Make Opal Avenue a part of your far-reaching presence today.

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What is Opal Avenue?

Opal Avenue is a retailer’s trusted online source for unique, verified safe, clean beauty and wellness products to add to their store. From natural to certified organic; to zero-waste and cruelty-free, retailers can access a spectrum of conscious product choices from the comfort of their shop or home. With an elite showcase of clean and ethical products, the Opal Avenue marketplace is more than a retailer’s go-to wholesale resource, it is an inspired wellness destination.

How is Opal Avenue different from other marketplace sites?

While other wholesale marketplaces do exist, Opal Avenue is the only one of its kind. Opal Avenue has a unique and specialized focus. Our mission is to help retailers discover all-natural, clean beauty and wellness products. We only showcase brands that are promoting and partaking in business practices that are both ethically and environmentally sound. Most importantly, they meet strict criteria and produce products with ingredients that are natural, healthy and effective.

Retailers can trust that all showcasing brands on Opal Avenue have been pre-screened for over 1,500 concerning ingredients, including those banned in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. This saves retailers time and effort in their search for the next addition to their stores.

What if I already call on retailers myself, work with sales reps, distributors or list on other trade sites?

That’s fantastic! Having a multi-pronged approach for creating retailer awareness is something we completely encourage. Many Opal Avenue brand partners have a variety of resources simultaneously working for them. Retailers conveniently use Opal Avenue to specifically seek out unique clean beauty and wellness products. With your listings being accessible to retailers 24/7, Opal Avenue is a perfect compliment to a natural brand’s visibility efforts.

Do I have to be a U.S. or Canada based brand to be on Opal Avenue?

Yes. At this time the Opal Avenue marketplace showcases brands based in the U.S and Canada exclusively to U.S and Canadian retailers. We are working to extend marketplace access to brands and retailers in other select countries. Stay tuned!

How do I get my products listed on Opal Avenue?

We follow a three-step onboarding process:

-The very first step is to fill out our Brand Application.
-From there, we’ll review your brand and products to verify that all of your products are cruelty-free and meet our safe ingredient criteria.
-After that, we’ll gather your detailed wholesale information, resale policies and product images at onboarding.

Once your brand is approved, we then build and manage your marketplace brand page and product listings using the detailed information you provide. Once you review your completed listings, your products are officially live on Opal Avenue!

Interested retailers can then start browsing and engaging with your products by asking additional product questions, requesting samples for review, and placing paid up front wholesale orders for your products.

Does it cost anything to be listed on Opal Avenue? Does Opal Avenue take a commission?

We charge a small annual fee of $289 to be listed on the Opal Avenue marketplace. For less than the cost of a weekend maker show, clean brands can showcase their brilliant products to retailers online on Opal Avenue 24/7, 365 days a year! Broken down monthly, this annual membership fee amounts to just $24.08/month whereas a traditional sales rep or broker agency can charge upwards of $600/month plus additional fees for their services. On wholesale orders processed through Opal Avenue, we bill an industry standard commission of 15%.

What type of retailers are using Opal Avenue?

Opal Avenue attracts retailers such as clean beauty boutiques, yoga studios, wellness practitioners, gift and apparel boutiques, zero-waste stores, spas, salons and prestige retailers ranging in size and opportunity. It’s fantastic to see the growing demand for natural clean beauty and wellness products in retail.

Does Opal Avenue have a vetting process for retailers that register to use the platform?

Absolutely! Buyers provide business verification details when they sign up for Opal Avenue to authenticate their account. Rest assured that a buyer will not be able to engage with your products, request trial samples or place wholesale orders in the marketplace until their information is verified and approved by Opal Avenue.

How do orders work?

It’s easy. When a retailer places a wholesale order for your products, you will receive an Opal Avenue email ticket showing complete buyer information and order details. To approve the order, reply back to us with the calculated shipping costs. This will prompt the buyer to complete checkout and finalize payment including shipping. After that, you are all clear to ship the order. Order notifications are sent to you every step of the way.

Rest assured, your brand’s detailed wholesale policies including order minimums, shipping, MAP limitations and any key restrictions are always shown on your listings. By placing a wholesale order, the buyer agrees to abide by your brand policies.

Can retailers request samples of my product?

Yes! Opal Avenue is about informed discovery. Retailers that request samples have spent time reviewing your brand inside the marketplace and are genuinely interested in trying out your products. We encourage all brand partners to have a no-cost sampling program in place that is both feasible and sustainable. With each retailer sample request, you will receive an Opal Avenue email ticket showing complete buyer information and any special notes from the buyer. In this way, you’ll always be able to know who is considering your products.

Am I able to approve or deny incoming orders or sample requests?

Yes, indeed! We take great care in confirming retail buyer information to ensure quality retail relationships for our showcasing brand partners. You have the full right to choose who carries your products. If your resale policies prohibit the sale of your products to certain store types (for example, online only stores) these limitations can be clearly displayed within your policies on your brand and individual product pages within the Opal Avenue marketplace.

What is Opal Avenue’s policy regarding retailer returns or damaged-in-transit claims?

We will always operate by your brand’s listed policies. We ask retailers to inspect their orders and report incorrect merchandise or damage to us within 72 hours of receipt to become eligible for further assistance. We’ll then work with you to arrive at an appropriate solution.

How do I get paid for the orders I fulfill?

You’ll love this! Wholesale orders you receive through the Opal Avenue marketplace are paid for up front including calculated shipping costs. At the end of each month, you’ll receive a detailed sales statement listing all orders that were processed and your total payout. Your shipping reimbursements are also shown on this monthly report. Payment will be sent to you by your choice of check or direct deposit.

What if I decide to stop listing my products on Opal Avenue?

Let us know by emailing our Product Category Manager at to assist with the removal of your listings.

What if I have more questions?

We have answers! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Reach out anytime to our Product Category Manager at, and connect with us on Instagram.