Brand Spotlight: How Mabrook & Co. Will Help #CleanUpYourLife

April 26, 2018

Canadian-based Mabrook & Co. is on a mission to clean up your life. With?safe and effective, 100 percent natural alternatives to the essential products you use on a daily basis, the line offers an easy way to make the swap to cleaner, greener beauty. ?Mabrook? means blessed in Arabic, and its founder believes that your body is blessed and deserves to be treated with respect and adoration. The line is built on the idea that you should never have to compromise your health when it comes to the way you feel, look or smell. By being kind to ourselves, each other and the planet, says Mabrook & Co.,? we can all make a positive change in the world and in the lives of others. Its beautiful mission and top-notch products make Mabrook & Co. the perfect brand for the latest in our Brand Spotlight series.

Tell us why you started Mabrook & Co. What’s its origin story?

The idea behind the first product I launched came from a deeply personal place, and out of necessity. In 2013, someone very close to me was diagnosed with a slow-growing blood cancer caused by an acquired genetic mutation. This prompted me to take a deeper look into our lives, searching for the reason why his gene mutated in this particular way?obviously I wasn?t able to find the answer. But, I began ?cleaning up our lives? by reducing the chemicals and toxins we used and consumed on a daily basis. It was easy to choose organic foods more often and decrease the amount of processed food we ate; it was also fairly easy to swap out certain and body care products for more natural options.

The one product I could not replace was the anti-perspirant we both relied on, at least once a day (sometimes more!). I tried some natural deodorants and I found that they did not work for my busy and active lifestyle, nor was my experience using them anything like it was using my old Secret Clinical Strength (I know, I know). At that time, many were in a small jar and required fingers or a spatula for application. I wanted a deodorant that was free from potentially harmful toxins and chemicals, effective AND easy to use. So, I set out to create one that checked all of these boxes. The word spread and friends and family were asking me to make deodorant for them. And so, Mabrook & Co. and the Clean Deodorant was born. ??

We love your #cleanupyourlife hashtag. Tell us why it’s important to the ethos of your brand to help people make cleaner, less toxic choices when it comes to bodycare.

Thank you! I love it too. I truly feel as though it sums up what Mabrook & Co. and our philosophy is all about. ?We strive to create safe and effective, 100 percent natural alternatives to the essential products people use on a daily basis. We feel as though the mounting evidence and research (or lack thereof) into the chemicals and toxins that we use and consume (both inside and outside our body) and the effect on our overall health and well-being is too strong to ignore. By swapping out an anti-perspirant for our natural deodorant, or extending time between washes with our dry shampoo, one?s daily toxin load can be meaningfully reduced. It?s the small and consistent changes that can be most impactful in the long-term, and this is what we are hoping to achieve.

This matters to us as we look at the bigger picture of health and wellness. With our mission to #cleanupyourlife, there is an implicit implication of constant improvement and positive change?a process that?s never ending, as none of us are perfect 100 percent of the time. We?re not purists or into fear-mongering. The world is a scary enough place without that! We?re not promoting that ?perfect,” clean, healthy life?to me, it doesn?t feel authentic, sustainable or realistic.

I?m the one who will drink a green juice in the morning alongside a coffee, use Jane Iredale makeup alongside MAC, shop local as much as possible but still go to Wal-Mart, and eat whole, unprocessed food 80 percent of the time and enjoy wine, pizza, and french fries now and again. It?s all about balance, isn?t it? We hope that we can offer people just one or two options out of the many that are out there to make a cleaner choice in one aspect of their life.

Tell us about how you source your ingredients?what makes them unique? How do you choose which ingredients to put in your products?

We source the majority of our ingredients and supplies from Canadian suppliers, trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Some of these ingredients, of course, originate in other parts of the world, such as the organic coconut oil we use in our Clean Deodorant, which originates from the Philippines. We choose organic ingredients as much as possible.

In terms of choosing which ingredients go in our products, the main criteria is: Is the ingredient natural? And, is it effective? Each ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose; we don?t use any fillers or synthetics in any of our products. For example, our Clean Dry Shampoo contains bamboo leaf extract which has a very high silica content; this makes it great for nourishing and strengthening the hair and scalp. It also contains silk amino acids which helps hair retain moisture and keeps it looking and feeling smooth. ?

Your clean natural deo is amazing. What makes it stop the stink?

Thank you! The ingredients of our Clean Deodorant combine to form this amazing formula that is long-lasting and really effective. Individually, the ingredients are powerful, but even more so when combined. Coconut oil has been so popular these days, and we know that it can solve pretty much any problem; we love the antibacterial properties of it? it helps to keep odor causing bacteria away.

Baking soda is used in a small quantity in our Clean Deodorant as well?it?s a great odor-neutralizer and absorbs wetness very well. The various essential oils we?ve blended also help to stop the stink. Essentially, our formula makes it hard for the bacteria that causes body odor to thrive; we don?t actually get stinky from our sweat. Sweat is actually odorless. It?s the bacteria on our skin that combines with the sweat and makes us stink like a trucker.

Dry shampoo is another tricky personal care product to find the right formula. How did you create yours? (We love that it has silk!)

Creating our Clean Dry Shampoo was a labor of love and a loooooong process. I?m so happy with the outcome and it?s quickly becoming a top seller! I wanted to create a dry shampoo that was not only natural and effective, but that did something GOOD for your hair as well. It would have been much simpler to combine some powders to absorb oil and grease and call it a day… but I wanted to create something more than that. I wanted a dry shampoo that not only refreshed hair and absorbed oil, but one that nourished, strengthened and improved hair with each use. Adding bamboo leaf extract and silk amino acids were key to achieving this. ?

What makes your products stand out amidst other clean beauty?

There are so many amazing clean and green beauty products and brands out there right now! I think our deodorant (the mainstay of our product line) is amazing, but is also a really personal thing?what works for one person won?t necessarily work for another. But one thing that makes Mabrook & Co. as a company stand out is our commitment to social responsibility and paying it forward. Since our launch in 2014, we have committed a portion of each sale to Women For Women International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to supporting, education and empowering women in countries affected by war and conflict. We periodically donate to other organizations, such as our October 2017 campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our current Earth Month partnership with One Tree Planted (we?re encouraging people to skip a wash + plant a tree?we?re planting one tree for every bottle of dry shampoo sold). ?

Any new product launches coming? What’s next for Mabrook & Co.?

We are working on expanding our baking-soda free Clean Deodorant options to include some light and fresh scents; our current baking-soda free deodorant is unscented. We are also working on a dry shampoo formula that is darker?for those with brown or black hair who don?t feel comfortable using a lighter colored powder. We really want to increase our presence in retailers across North America, with a focus on the United States this year. We want to clean up lives south of the border too. 🙂