Brand Spotlight: Harmony + Blossom Wants You to Rethink Self-Love

May 24, 2018


Harmony + Blossom was created to inspire self-care for mothers (and everyone!), help you discover your own individual beauty and reveal the most radiantly healthy skin possible. We checked in with brand founder Fran Loudas, to find out more about what makes her line stand out.

How does being a certified aromatherapist help you formulate Harmony + Blossom?

Being a certified aromatherapist has given me the in-depth knowledge of essential oils and ingredients, what they do, how certain ingredients interact with one other, benefits to the skin, etc. and has helped in the formulation of our products by allowing me to be creative when formulating. I also like to experiment with various ingredients to find out what the end-result will be, then test, test and test prior to deciding whether to make the product or not and whether the ingredients, when combined, are effective.

I also have extremely sensitive skin and have tried everything under the sun. Can you imagine having breakouts in your 60s? When that happens to me along with irritation, redness, blotchiness, I get frustrated and very disappointed?I?ve spent a ton of money on products that I thought might work and did not. Now, the only products that work for me are the ones I have created using my own formulations that I now know are effective for all skin types. I finally love my skin!

Can you tell us about the name of the line? Why did you choose Harmony + Blossom?

We wanted something that gave a sense of luxury, calm, peace and ?Harmony? while taking care of the skin. Since the original plan was to use botanicals, ?Blossom? seemed a natural fit especially since jasmine and rose were to be included in most products. I believe all women want flawless skin so the decision to launch Harmony + Blossom was born.

You’re also the creator of a best-selling baby line, Belly Buttons & Babies. Why did you launch Harmony + Blossom too?

I was receiving many email messages from women asking if this or that product from the Belly Buttons & Babies line would be okay to use on their skin. It then occurred to me that a lot of women, especially those with smaller children, didn?t take care of themselves, perhaps as much as they would have preferred. They were also asking questions about how to use products correctly on their skin for their skin types.

Harmony + Blossom was launched to give women a chance to really look after their skin, naturally, since the line is suited for all skin types while some do target certain concerns women may have. We chose jasmine and rose essential oils (along with botanicals) to provide a sense of peace and calm while empowering women to love and look after themselves.

Tell us why you want to inspire mothers to care for themselves.

Because, we as women, tend to put other peoples needs ahead of themselves. While this is may be true for many, especially when raising a family, caring for an elderly parent/relative or carving out a career, women need to look after themselves so that they are in optimal health, so they can be the best they possibly can be and feel good about themselves while knowing that the products they are using have the best possible natural ingredients, while being effective and targeting any skin issues they may have.

You’ve also got a pro-aging stance on skincare. Can you tell us why that’s important to you?

Since I was a teen, my girlfriends and I would always say that we would grow older with grace. Now that I?m in my early 60s, this couldn?t ring truer, for me at least. I, like many women, want beautiful skin all the time, at every age but want to use products that are clean and natural by not aggravating the skin. As we age gracefully, skin does change with life, whether it’s something stressful that has occurred or just by simply aging and I wanted to create a line that would address all these issues, while being gentle and effective on the skin. And provide peace of mind to all women, that they can know they are using the best possible hand-crafted, botanical skincare products available. I believe all women deserve this at any age/stage of their lives. I also believe that women need to pamper themselves with luxurious products like our Harmony + Blossom line.

What’s your favorite product from Harmony + Blossom?

Our Jasmine & Rose Floral Essence?I want to pour it on myself from head to toe!?I also love the Jasmine & Rose Facial Moisturizer?I use it every day and evening and am extremely happy with the look and feel of my skin.

Any tips or tricks you can share about using your line?

I?m very much into multi-purpose products, which I love. All our current products can be used in a multitude of ways. For instance:

What’s next? Is there anything new in the pipeline?

As a matter of fact, I?m working on creating more products, experimenting and testing, trying to figure out what would be best suited in the line. I want to add lots of products, but I must be realistic at the same time. I?m thinking of adding a natural perfume line as I am certified in this area as well and used to teach Perfume Blending Using Essential Oils a few years ago. We?ll see what I?ll come up with?whether it’s more skincare products or a perfume line to match up with our skincare line!