Place your great products in front of a vast network of specialty retailers, instantly.
Gain the increased visibility your brand deserves.


By listing your brand on the Opal Avenue Marketplace, you instantly showcase your product to an extensive network of reputable buyers. No more guessing “windows of opportunity” or when category review periods are open. No more nervous cold calls or sending insecure pitches to the “right person”. With Opal Avenue, the right buyer will find YOU at the right time. Discovery made easy!



24/7. 365. Your brand and product listings are LIVE. Buyers eagerly looking for products like yours will be able to spot you instantly.


Your information can be updated in the Opal Avenue Marketplace. Simply contact your category manager for assistance. Relevant buyers will be notified.  


It’s easy to see how your products are performing in the Opal Avenue Marketplace. Regular sample requests and orders are a sure sign of success. Want even more visibility? Ask us about our strategic DirectConnect marketing options that can help you stand out.


Opal Avenue helps you eliminate inconvenient sample request and ordering processes. You’ll always receive complete and accurate buyer information on Opal Avenue generated digital POs and sample request tickets. Simply fulfill orders and sample requests as they arrive directly to you from the Opal Avenue Marketplace. It’s that easy.




What is Opal Avenue?

Opal Avenue is the premier, online wholesale marketplace where unique, healthy beauty & lifestyle brands can showcase their products to exceptional retailers. Like a 24/7 trade show, buyers are able to conveniently discover your products anytime. To list your products, we request your detailed wholesale information, resale policies and image assets up front. From there we do the rest. We build your specific brand and individual product pages using your submitted information. Once you review your listings, you are live inside the marketplace! Interested retailers can start engaging with your products and place secure, prepaid wholesale orders.

How is Opal Avenue different from other marketplace sites?

Ingredient integrity is everything. And that is our full focus. Opal Avenue is a retailer’s trusted source for the best, verified safe, clean beauty & wellness products. We select brands that are promoting and partaking in business practices that are both ethically and environmentally sound. Most importantly, they meet strict criteria and produce products with ingredients that are healthy and effective. From natural to organic; to sustainably sourced and cruelty-free, Opal Avenue offers a spectrum of exciting and conscious product choices.

What if I already work with sales reps, distributors or other trade sites in some territories?

That’s wonderful! We don’t ask for exclusivity of your products. There are Opal Avenue brand partners who already have some sort of sales help in place. They appreciate having another way for their lines to be discovered by retailers that are specifically looking for clean wellness options for their customer base. Opal Avenue is a trusted, healthy beauty & lifestyle destination for buyers. We’re honored to form part of your holistic sales strategy.

How do I get my products listed on Opal Avenue?

We are always looking for brilliant and inspired products. Please tell us more about your brand and business by completing an initial Brand Application and we’ll get in touch. This is a highly curated marketplace. We make ongoing selections based on strict criteria including the use of 100% clean ingredients and the categories retailers are actively seeking. Should your completed application arrive after a selection round has concluded, it will be reviewed on the next selection cycle. If you’ve launched new products, upgraded packaging or made changes to your overall business since your last application, please re-apply with that new information.

Do I have to be a U.S or Canada based brand to be on Opal Avenue?

Yes. At this time the Opal Avenue Marketplace showcases brands based in the U.S and Canada to U.S and Canadian retailers. We are working to extend marketplace access to brands and retailers in other select countries. Stay tuned.

How do orders work exactly?

When a retailer places a wholesale order for your products, you will receive an email showing complete buyer information and order details. From here, reply back to us with the calculated shipping costs. This will prompt the buyer to complete checkout and finalize payment including shipping. After that, you are all clear to send their order.

Rest assured, your brand’s detailed wholesale policies including minimums, shipping, MAP limitations and any key restrictions are always shown on your listings. By placing a wholesale order, the buyer agrees to abide by your brand policies.

Does Opal Avenue have a vetting process for retailers that register to use the platform?

Yes. All potential buyers must verify themselves as a legitimate retailer at the time of registering their account. Authentication requires providing critical information such as name (first, last), company name, business email, business website, business address and more. A user will not be able to engage with your products, request trial samples or place wholesale orders in the marketplace until their information is confirmed and approved by Opal Avenue.

How are retailer sample requests handled?

Opal Avenue is about informed discovery. Retailers that request samples have spent time getting to know your brand inside the marketplace and are genuinely interested. We encourage all brand partners to have a sampling program in place that is both feasible and sustainable. With each retailer sample request, you will receive an email showing complete buyer information and any special notes or indications provided. In this way, you’ll always be able to know who is considering your products.

Am I able to selectively approve or deny orders - sample requests?

You have the full right to choose who you work with. We take great care in verifying retail buyer information to ensure that our brand partners are showcased to quality and value-filled retail relationships. If your resale policies prohibit the sale of your products to specific store types, these limitations can be clearly displayed on your brand and individual product pages.

What is Opal Avenue’s policy regarding retailer returns or damaged-in-transit claims?

We will always operate by your brand’s listed policies. Buyers are asked to inspect their order and report incorrect merchandise or damage to us within 72 hours of receipt to become eligible for further assistance. We’ll work with you to arrive at an appropriate resolution.

How do I get paid for the orders I fulfill?

Wholesale orders you receive through the Opal Avenue marketplace are paid for up front including calculated shipping costs. We know how important pre-paid orders are to a growing business. At the end of each month, you’ll receive a detailed sales statement listing all orders that were processed and your total payment. Your shipping reimbursements are also shown on this monthly report. Pay out will be sent to you by check or direct deposit to the indicated billing information you provided at the time of your initial setup.

Does it cost anything to be listed on Opal Avenue?

We charge a nominal annual fee of $449 to be listed on the Opal Avenue marketplace. For far less than the cost of a booth at a weekend trade show, you’re products are accessible to interested retailers across the U.S. and Canada 365 days a year, 24/7. No travel required! And we bill an industry standard commission of 15% on orders.

What if I decide to stop listing my products on Opal Avenue?

Let us know by emailing your Opal Avenue category manager or [email protected] and we’ll be able to help with the removal of your listings.


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