Place your great products in front of a vast network of specialty retailers, instantly.
Gain the increased visibility your brand deserves.


By listing your brand on the Opal Avenue Marketplace, you instantly showcase your product to an extensive network of reputable buyers. No more guessing “windows of opportunity” or when category review periods are open. No more nervous cold calls or sending insecure pitches to the “right person”. With Opal Avenue, the right buyer will find YOU at the right time. Discovery made easy!



24/7. 365. Your brand and product listings are LIVE. Buyers eagerly looking for products like yours will be able to spot you instantly.


Your information can be updated in the Opal Avenue Marketplace. Simply contact your category manager for assistance. Relevant buyers will be notified.  


It’s easy to see how your products are performing in the Opal Avenue Marketplace. Regular sample requests and orders are a sure sign of success. Want even more visibility? Ask us about our strategic DirectConnect marketing options that can help you stand out.


Opal Avenue helps you eliminate inconvenient sample request and ordering processes. You’ll always receive complete and accurate buyer information on Opal Avenue generated digital POs and sample request tickets. Simply fulfill orders and sample requests as they arrive directly to you from the Opal Avenue Marketplace. It’s that easy.




What are the benefits of listing my brand on the Opal Avenue Marketplace?

• Eliminate nerve wracking cold calls or introduction emails and strenuous guesswork.
• Instantly showcase your products in front of a network of reputable specialty and independent retailers. Finally, the right buyer will find YOU at the right time.
• Reduce or eliminate costly participation at traditional showrooms and tradeshows.  
• Opal Avenue works 24/7 making your listings accessible to retailers anytime.
• A central place to communicate and maintain up to date product information including price changes, ingredient lists and key brand policies.
• Relevant buyers are alerted about any new products or collections added to the Opal Avenue Marketplace.
• An easy, fast and convenient way to expand your presence and visibility in the market.
• No inventory held. Simply fulfill orders and sample requests as they arrive directly to you through the Opal Avenue Marketplace.

Who uses Opal Avenue?

Our extensive network of reputable specialty and independent retailers. This includes buyers from spas, beauty counters, gift shops, lifestyle boutiques, destination resorts, high end hotels, wellness studios, health centers, and luxury retailers across the U.S and Canada. Every day, more and more retailers are discovering the power and convenience of Opal Avenue. And now, innovative well brands have the opportunity to rapidly expand their visibility in the marketplace.

How can Opal Avenue help our growth efforts?

Buyers are extremely busy individuals who receive daily product solicitations over phone and email. But times are changing. Opal Avenue is at the forefront of this business shift and is live 24/7. 365 days a year. And strives to create a place for eager retailers to discover and source their next exciting product additions in a convenient and safe environment. Buyers that are searching for products of your type will instantly see you front and center. They’ll be able to see all of the key product information needed for them to make a decision to sample your product and determine if you are a perfect match for their stores.

Does Opal Avenue have a vetting process for retailers that register to use the platform?

All potential users authenticate themselves as a legitimate retailer at the time of registering their account. Authentication requires providing critical information such as name (first, last), company name, business email, business website and business address. A user will not be able to request samples or place orders in the marketplace until their information is verified and approved by Opal Avenue.

How do I inquire about getting my products on Opal Avenue?

We are thrilled that you are interested in showcasing your great products on Opal Avenue! Please click here to access and complete a new brand application. Here you will be able to tell us more details about your brand and business. This is a highly curated marketplace. We make selections based on strict criteria including the use of 100% clean ingredients and what categories the Opal Avenue retailer network is actively seeking. Should your completed application arrive after a selection round has concluded, it will be reviewed on the next selection cycle. If you’ve launched new products, upgraded packaging or made changes to your overall business since your last application, please re-apply with that new information.

Do I have to be a U.S or Canadian based brand to be on Opal Avenue?

Yes. At this time the Opal Avenue Marketplace showcases brands based in the U.S and Canada to U.S and Canadian retailers. We are working to extend our service to brands and retailers in other select countries. Stay tuned.

Does Opal Avenue charge any fees?

Our fees are very simple. We charge an affordable initial setup & on-boarding fee which is then billed annually to maintain your brand and individual product listings on the platform. We also take a commission on each wholesale order made through the Opal Avenue Marketplace. We get paid when you receive orders for your brand. Win win!


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